Hey, Im Charlie.

I am focussed on the organic and un-distorted energy matrix of life on Gaia. 

As a species we have been through a great deal of trauma and for thousands of years have been living in a state of trauma projection and amnesia.

We forgot our soul, our responsibility and significance on this plane and have been perpetuating a distorted, artificial energy matrix that has been enslaving and entrapping our life force.

The distorted matrix makes us believe we are not sacred.. that we are an unsupported and meaningless physical occurrence fighting for survival against all odds.

In the organic matrix we are a scintillating pulsation of living intelligence, balancing our soul with our body and creating from our deepest passion and excitement. We know our place as a creator being and acknowledge our responsibility to act with reverence and keep life's systems in coherence with nature.

We recognise that in our soul is a gift that needs to be embodied and shared which in turn adds to the completion of the one thing.

We now have a responsibility to integrate our shadow aspects from our traumas to liberate and rejuvenate life on Gaia.

The intention of my work is to bring coherence and restoration to the organic energy systems we are comprised of so we can live in true health and fulfilment. To remember our soul, Heal our traumas, clear distortions/imprints and step into our creator-ship on Earth is part of the medicine to re-tune our planetary consciousness back into the organic matrix.

Email - Morphicidea@gmail.com

Watsapp/Phone - 07782470923


Carmarthen, Wales. 

Sonorence is a mix of two words:



Friends, Family and Earth Mission Allies! 


Sound healing academy.

Mastery of sound and energy for true healing and transformation.

Sound of the soul.


Earth Awareness.

The Temple of Nature.

Center for nature, art and

consciousness. Holders of

Sacred mushroom ceremonies.


Elhaz woodcraft.

Soulcrafted Instruments.

A brother since times of old.. Impeccable craft, sounds and transmissions.. 

Pure soul, crystal visions..