Arcturian Soul Codes

Nows the time, the center of the global ceremony, the neural plasticity of the planet is like melted wax, any changes you make now will greatly imprint the life of yours and those around you.

This is the time, and we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Our souls have been preparing for lifetimes and lifetimes for this grand event.

The end of the separation program and its satanic, vampiricle slave paradigm.

The decentralisation of power.

The re-awakening of energetic sovereignty.

The return to the inner central sun, the central centrum through which your vision pulses into manifestation in 360degrees north, east, west, south, up and down.

The recognition that every molecule of creation is working in support of you, for you are inseparable to it.

The remembrance that you are the generator of the pattern, that your signature frequency is what will become formed and substantial, and you choose that song!

The activation of your nervous system, the growth of the nerve fibres, the attunement of the sensory instrument to percieve and translate intelligence from higher frequencies.

The release of fear, and rest into the unconditional groove of entrusted inevitability!

The memory of your soul, your current of consciousness throughout an sacred course of incarnation.

The end of time, and the reactivation of the morphospheric hologram.

Returning to the intergalactic celebration of source encoded co-creation.

The unification of science and spirituality, alchemichally fused into the earth wizard.

The embodiment of the self-healer, able to transform any ailment or riddle.

The return of free energy and uprise of breatharianism.

The re-balancing of the inner child and embodiment of sacred sexuality.

The total embrace of self, in the absolute and the illusion.

The re-awakening of sacred ceremony and arrival of temples all around the land!

The manifestation of places and centres for healing, remembering and embodying true creative potential.

The end of standardised education and nurture of the individuals unique inspiration and enjoyment.

The cleaning of the waters and purification of the air.

The re-wilding of people and permaculturisation of cities.

What is activating you right now?

What is quaking your soul towards your inner awakening?

What feels so precious, true and exciting to do and bring into the world right now?

That is your gift. You are unconditionaly supported, loved and needed. Nows the time, we are the ones we have been waiting for!

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