The shaman, the soul, the starseed.

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The Shaman, The Soul, The Starseed.

When we think of a shaman we might think of a tribal witch doctor dressed in robes woven from animal hair, covered in totems and talisman, holding a frame drum guiding an eccentric ceremony or ritual, thinning the veil between consensus reality and the Astral. Or perhaps we think of a westerner on youtube who has self-recognised themself as a shaman and now strives to fulfil their quest of sharing information and energy for evolving cultural consciousness.

‘Shaman’ is a delicate word these days, as there are many cultural variations of the forms and initiatory processes to becoming a Shaman. As well, there is a rising population of self recognised western Shamans working within the arts of healing, who have no direct wisdom lineage to be initiated from which has accumulated a background stigma from the traditionalists.

Initiation is simply an event or period (usually challenging) which carries you from one state of experiencing life, to a deeper and vaster state of experiencing and understanding life. Initiation in essence does not have to involve a lineage or intentional process directed by elders, it can be something completely unexpected like a car crash, depression or psychosis.

And it is the same with the Shaman, the true Shaman exists as an archetype in the collective consciousness and as an essence in all of us. The archetype of the shaman has been brightly and functionally unearthed by the work of Andrew Camargo, founder of the School of Modern Soul Science and presented to the world in great detail, adapted for its timely return in todays crisis. In summary of the archetype; The shaman is one who has been initiated into understanding and communication with intelligence beyond the veil of consensus reality and bridges it back to help cultural evolution.

But what is the essence of the Shaman? As the oldest form of spirituality of earth, what is the non-exclusive, relatable essence that lives in all of us?

The shaman is the centre, the centre of you. More shaman you can not become! It is the hollowness of being, the absoluteness of I am presence, silent and un-moveable. It is the same hollowness as in the pith of a birch branch, in the pupil of an eye, in the bones of birds..

The shaman is nature, the shaman is empty space, localised in the human being. Centred in pure feeling, rooted into the below, attuned to the above and coherent in 360degrees spherical. Through this hollowed centre, natural intelligence can flow and animate the miracle of bone and blood, flesh and brain, hands and mouth.

The essence of the shaman is not dressed in belief, clothed in lineage or cladded with doctrine. To find the inner-shaman one must shed all living-accessories, identity, self gratification, cultural validation, spiritual programmes, religious doctrines and mental frameworks. It is inevitable that deep healing takes place in this process, as all embodied patterning, traumas and imprints from the pre-initiation life is removed from the cells/mind/emotions/energy field and the being will become truly embodied of non-duality. (Not just the mental awakening.)

The experience of embodied non-duality is absolute energetic presence, feeling life in its most subtle entirety... Where the frequency spectrums and intelligences beyond consensus reality become visceral.

This is not to say that the shaman will forever live without the previously shed aspects of self. The shaman will re-form these layers as they re-birth their embodiment through Ego, character and personality, but instead of being formed from cultural falsehoods, they will be formed from the unshakable truth that the shaman is and adjusted for the purpose of cohering within the density of consensus consciousness. Because this is of course the role the shaman plays in regards to culture, a bridge between consensus and the infinitum beyond it.

So what is it exactly that moves the shaman? What is left in that hollow space? Not confined by identity, cultural validation, socialised ideology and manufactured goals and purpose. What is it that gives the shaman their strong presence, intelligent expression and wisdom? Why do they fulfil a role of healing, transformation and guidance to the culture from which they were once a part of?

Because… In this hollow space... is the Soul!

The soul of creation is the dreaming between spirit and form, source and matter..

The individual spect of soul is a current of consciousness (like a current in the ocean) that has been all over the universe and carnated in many embodiments throughout the tapestry of experience. The soul originated at the organic source of creation and is an evolving, fluid signature of divinity which expresses itself and attains experience in temporal lifetimes as it inhabits a body on a planet where it integrates into an ecological and cultural system.

The soul carries a unique intelligence and gift, in its essence it carries the infinite creative energy of source. In each lifetime it attains experience, gifts and skills, these remain as a memory in the soul and shape its signature expression which it carries and shares in its journey through the universe.

In the human body, the soul energy is felt tangibly in the nervous system. It enters through the aura, distributes through the meridians and infuses the body through the nervous system.

The soul is where our true energy comes from and it is where true identity (source) is remembered.


Do you remember?

Who you are and what you are a part of?

Where you have been and why you have come?

Why are all humans are not guided towards the energy and focus of their soul? If it is where our trueness comes from, why would it be left to the shaman to access this magical and essential aspect of being? How could we ever have a culture focussed around ego-centred goals with little or no room for something soulful to emerge? How is it that our most essential life force and memory is not the focus of cultural evolution?

Why are children not celebrated for the gift they are and revered in sacredness as they remember them-self beyond their physical and ego self? Why are elders, educational centres and healthcare systems not pointing you back to your own perfect essence? Why are streets and public spaces not decorated with odes to remembering and celebrating the great one thing? Why are spiritual models, churches and religions not flourishing with remembrance and awakening?

We have forgotten something on a global scale and live in a web of social/cultural patterns and behaviours that rejects and re-standardises individuals who experience quakes of the soul (awakening/crisis/psychosis/depression)

What is this world, this theatre of the great forgotten? This profane paradigm of standardised, busy lifestyles? A human sphere running on a foundation of separation, disconnected from the earth by fear, disconnected from source by distorted spiritual programmes.

A dream built upon a sacred foundation that has forgotten its sacredness and distracts its participants from remembering their unique essence.

This world, this theatre of forgotten, this paradigm of separation, the fossil fuel infrastructure, the debt slavery, the mental health crisis, the world wars, the overworked lifestyles, the chemicals in food, the rich and the poor, manufactured consent and contorted sexuality is the manifestation of dark intelligence.

Dark intelligence is simply an aspect of creation that works to keep structures and forms functioning without opening to higher degrees of light. Dark intelligence works like this because it has closed to light and has an agenda not to open to light because light is illuminating something it doesnt want to know. Dark intelligence starts with Trauma and perpetuates because the trauma does not have space to be seen, loved, held, acknowledged and accepted.

The thing is, light is creations primary food source, as demonstrated by nature where we see plants and animals and humans waking, growing and unfurling to light from the sun. Sometimes to the extant of pranic living such as breatharianism.

So without light, the embodiments of dark intelligence need an alternative food source and they get this by stealing life force from other beings. Syphoning the soul energy through the beings who are unconscious of the dark intelligences intervention. Tricking the light being into giving consent... Staging fear and panic in their environment so they are easily steered into traps. Traps that look like promises of a better reality so long as they conform to a condition... debt, contracts, law, legal identity... A manufacturing of consent through heavy confusion and fear programming.

On the earth plain these intelligences parasitically control those in financial and governmental positions of power, essentially those who have legal ownership and finance the components of the world we live in. They own the Media, the healthcare, the education systems, the banks, the technology and the food industry. They control all of the content we consume, thus shaping our experience of our life.

So what hope do the humans have? If each soul carnated here is immediately scrambled, decalibrated and lulled into oppressive sleep by the programs, beliefs and stories slung about in the cultural theatre of dark intelligence?

If no one is able to perceive beyond the manufactured lens and the majority of the global population are living out standardised lifestyles rooted in fear, what force can break through this matrix?

Well, in other parts of the universe, forces of light can see the crisis in great clarity…

Dolores Canon is a woman who trained as a hypnotherapist and then developed her own technique which she named, ‘Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique’ QHHT. Through this hypnosis she could make contact with all aspects of a humans soul. In many cases Dolores made contact with peoples souls that had lived lifetimes in other star systems and dimensions around the universe. These souls, throughout many different sessions of different clients, expressed that they had volunteered to come to earth to help shift consciousness out of fear and into the next stage of evolution.

Dolores gave thousands of QHHT sessions and wrote books about the volunteer souls who are living in a human body amongst us now, carrying an intelligence and energy to change the world!

Through this work the term Starseed gained substance.

The Starseed Soul is advanced and experienced in different aspects of mastery within the universe. When they come into human form they are usually incredibly sensitive and have a highly attuned internal compass for right and wrong, good and bad. Very often a starseed will know from a young age that something is wrong with life on earth. They do not initially know why/how cognitively but their feelings and senses are highly intelligent.

People will often refer to a starseed as an ‘old soul’ or ‘wise beyond their years’ because they seem to be very experienced and intelligent compared with others in their age group. It is common for a starseed to feel very misunderstood and out of place on earth, and some of the initial wave of volunteer, starseed souls committed suicide, as documented by Dolores.

Something has to jog the memory of a starseed, to wipe the sleep of consensus reality out from their eyes and allow them to remember their deeper identity and unique reason for volunteering here on earth.

This is like the initiatory phase that we spoke about at the start and it comes in different ways for all people. Some might not be under such a dense blanket of cultural programming and so can have a lighter and more joyful flow as they remember their soul. Others might have to go through periods of crisis, like psychosis or depression to crack open their reality for the remembrance to happen.

The ultimate mission of the starseed is to remember and embody their souls gift and unique reason for carnating here at this time. They are to manifest the deeper parts of their soul in the world in a way that coheres into the consensus consciousness and weaves their higher dimensional intelligence, magic and vision into it for mass collective transformation, and restoration/rejuvination of the organic systems of life.

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