The Great Forgotten

The great forgotten is the living experience of the false matrix. It is a theatre of cultural narrative in which experience is blind folded from true reality and endlessly distracted and steered away from deeper questions that return us to our nature.

We are born into a name and forced into compositions of psychology and emotionality in early years of development and are bombarded by stories of who and what we are by adults, teachers and peers. By the time we begin to become ‘self conscious’ we are already embodied of the separation programme that exists at the foundation of the dualistic cultural dream.

This programme generates fear in the individual to step outside of the status quo and so most people play safe and quiet by the rules of the social enterprise thus contributing with their every action to the perpetuation of the great forgotten. The great forgotten is a landscape of space with no centre. It is a ceremony where the temple has long fallen to ruins and the central fire has gone out. It is a meaningless space through which man moves, with his every action governed by the obligations of social, political, economical, technological and industrial enterprise. This landscape holds no possibility for conscious transformation and rejects expressions of authentic being. Authentic expression is usually in contrast with the narrative of the moment and so beings who speak up are ridiculed or chastised. The guide, magician and shaman were no where to be seen and so governmentally controlled spiritual drip-feeds like churches and other religious groups became the nicotine patch for the souls unrecognised yearning to commune with god. Within this space true initiation is starting to take place as mental illness and the spirit of the people cracks open the contorted mechanism of this reality. The light of soul begins to illuminate and unveil that which is ignored within the cultural container. As no new stimulation can steer this paradigm out of its artificial confines through its own components, it is crisis that cracks through its ignorant walls and buckles its infrastructure until the common ground is conscious enough of the dilemma.

We have crossed this threshold… And now embark upon our return to journey into the unconditional, abundant magic of the Organic matrix…

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