In the old paradigm (Distorted, artificial matrix) we have been experiencing life as a meaningless arena of separate physical occurrences. We have ignored our multidimensional aspect that exists when we pay attention to the subtle energies that flow around and through our body. From silence there will be sound, and it is in the silence of empathic listening that we enable ourselves to work within the realms of subtle energy that make up our chakras, aura and meridians. When we open our subtle energy systems we become re-tuned into the organic reality of empathy, feeling, oneness and creation.

Why Sound and Energy work?

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Chi, Prana, Orgone, Plasma, all different words to describe different tones of the same force. At the fundamental level we are comprised of energy, light, vibration and frequency. An Impeccable intelligence holds us together, and we are that intelligence.


Our body and reality manifests as a result of our energetic state. Within each of us is a naturally perfect creator and by the right care, focus and intention we can open ourself to that mastery, heal the distortions and traumas that shroud that perfection and bring ourself back into focus to manifest health and fulfilment.


These sessions are for the purpose of unblocking/opening the energy system, letting the body, heart and mind process the event/memory that resides in the block and reclaiming the power that was lost there. Simultaneously opening the way for your soul expression to flow!


Ultimately you are your own healer, and I am here to help in that process. Sometimes it needs another to hold space, focus and provide energetic support for you to move through… Especially in the cases of traumatic past experience where it doesn’t feel safe or stable to try and navigate alone.


I came into energy work at the age of 16 when I was taken out of my active lifestyle by a medically diagnosed fatigue syndrome. After 5 months I discovered chakras and within a month of daily meditation and intuitive reiki I restored my vibrancy. Through this process I discovered my subtle energy body and bought healing and flow to stagnant, stuck emotion.

My ultimate intention with this work is for you to return to your centre where you are empowered and in contact with yourself and creation.

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Sound and Energy Sessions

Aura and Chakra Attunement

In the Human Aura (energy field) there is a lot of information. In the perfect state the aura radiates our souls essence openly, we harmonise like a beautiful chord and our vision, feeling and intention flows clearly into the outer world where creation synchronously meets our vibration and we manifest our dreams.


When significant events are not fully processed they can become a distortion in our energy field and stagnate as a pocket of dissonant, coagulated energy.


If we are full of distortions in our energy then our expression and manifestation in the world is filtered through these distortions and we keep experiencing them in our reality.


I use tuning forks in the Aura and Chakras to find the stuck energy. As the vibrating forks stimulates this point the energy loosens and disseminates needed energy back into the body and un needed energy into the universe. Simultaneously the sound of the fork transmutes into needed energy for the body/aura/chakra to self-balance back to vibrancy.

Aura attunement is helpful for:

Emotional/psychological processing.

Bodily processing of past events.

Soul Retrieval.

Chakra opening.





Meridian clearing.

The Meridians or Nadis are veins of chi/energy that run all over our body and cross over the chakras/ganglia/nerve centres. The meridians distribute the essential life force of chi into the body and simultaneously allow for the energy to flow out of our hands and feet for toxin release and grounding.


With the artificial paradigm of concrete, rubber shoes and not so much energetic awareness a lot of people have not experienced true energetic grounding.


In these session i use weighted tuning forks in the meridian pressure points to open the energy flow through the body. It is very common that toxicity has built up and so mostly a good part of this session is sonic-laser clearing of the toxicity. This can be very pleasurable to feel the waste energy leave the body and its truly homecoming to feel completely grounded into Gaia and have the continuous flow open. 


It is recommended to have a very spacious day planned the day afterwards because often the toxin release and immense opening can induce a day of tiredness and aching as the body processes and adjusts. Don’t try and get loads done or go to work etc!


Want to book a session?

Each session is unique and everyone comes for a different reason. Send me a message or give me a call so we can see what is best for you.

A one hour session will always include an addition intake talk and check in at the end. We will work until the work that is ready to be done, is done. If that is a little more or less than 1 hour then so it is, there will be no extra fees.

The price for 1 hour is €50

Get in touch with me by email, phone or wattsapp.

Charlie Battin.

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